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Happy 24th Birthday Les Twins !
Thursday, December 6, 2012 • 10:13 PM • 0 comments

Wohoo ! It's been 3 months I'm working with Avon. Aku bertahan dengan perangai boss aku yang agak bossy tu. Ahh ! Dah nama boss, mestilah bossy. Tapi kebossy-an die neh, dah melampau sesangat. Aku ni dah macam servant die. Eh, no. Maid !!! She makes me boil ! She always asks stupid favors from me. Dayuuuummm ! It's not that I hate her. It's just, she's too, tooo, tooooo much ! I like her, she's friendly. It's just, sometimes she pissed me off. Like, for real. On purpose ! But at least, I stayed there (Avon) for 3 months straight. I don't even know how long will I be working there. It's okay lah, if she asks me to packed her dealers orders. But then, she asks me to buy her lunch and stuffs that's not even my job ! Yupe, she freakin' piss me off ! But still, 3 months been working there. And I'm okay with that somehow. Thank you.  

December 6th, Laurent Nicolas Bourgeois and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, also known as Les Twins, Criminalz Crew turned 24. Dah-dah, takyah nak speaking sangat pun. Biarlah orang kite je yang faham dah elok. Bukan aku je yang blogging sal diorang. Aku tak tau kenapa lah aku boleh minat sangat kat Les Twins ni. Kalau korang nak tau, everyday aku bukak youtube and search videos diorang. Kalau dah dapat, confirm aku download. Takyah tunggu buffering youtube tu. Lama sangat. Actually, aku tak tau nak update entry apa. Aku just nak wish Birthday Les Twins je. Hehehe. "Anyways, Happy Birthday Les Twins. No matter what you do, what you gave to entertain us, we will always support you. I was just hoping that someday Larry or Laurent will read any of my entries about you two. I'm just so into you ! Well, Les Twins of course. Duhhhhh ! Okay. There's not much to talk about. Gotta work tomorrow. Bye. God bless Les Twins. Get married soon guys !" (*^3^)/~☆ 

p/s Larry : Loving your tattoos so much ! They're freakin' HOT ! I followed your Twitter & Instagram, please follow me back (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 *I know, it's kinda freaky when I'm begging you to follow me back. But for real tho~ :)

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